Thursday 12 July 2012


Most people feel that else the land into an office where Airconditioner cools like the freezer they wouldnt ceed searching. some feel that else they have a good job that pays them over 200,000 NGN and receive even more benefits, they wouldnt stop. But the most of the numbers never realy had the opportunity to land any job atall.

Now, if what you think,want,or wish is to become a very succesfull/rich person, then its time you stop searching for jobs. Mere inquiry will convince you that about the highest number of rich people in the world never really worked in the bank,oil companies,or communication companies. they are those that made the crazy decisions and did it themselves.

while others sleep at night, they are thinking on how to turn the world into money. They are the ENTREPRENEURS. The NEVER SAY DIE's. all they see is opportunities,even in failure,they say its a steping stone. Do you care to know some of them? well, i guess you know them more than i do. Bill Gate(the microsoft founder) Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs(the man who made apple software) Aliko dangote,(black richest man,Femi Otedola,Greg Hugohills,,,,,,and so on. its your choice on wether to insert your name or not.
Are you now set to make money? follow me here,lets talk,lets reason,lets guide you through the path we had passed and conquered.
Do you believe that success is won, innate, or earned? The answer someone gives can tell you a lot about them, and why they are where they are.
Success is won: if you believe that success is won, you experience animosity and envy toward those you view as lucky or more fortunate than you. You also believe that success is out of your control; it simply depends on a flip of the coin or certain circumstances.
How hard are you willing to work if you believe that success is won rather than earned?
Success is innate: people who believe success is innate often feel the same as those who believe it’s won. The only difference is that believers in innate-success have a more pessimistic view of opportunity; it’s trivial to them (we’ll go over this a little later). Why does opportunity matter if success is innate?
How hard are you willing to work if you feel your opportunity doesn’t matter and your chances of success are nil because of your circumstances?
Success is earned: the last group of people believes what we know to be true based on statistical analysis; success is earned. These people understand that in order to succeed, they must earn it. How do they earn it? They climb the mountain and utilize the same process others have used to achieve.
How hard are you willing to work if you believe success must be earned?

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