Wednesday 19 September 2012


Starting a business in Nigeria could be scary and most atimes discouraging. but then,"when the road gets tough,the tough keeps going". I mean that there are so much to earn you legitmate income in this country than the outside world.

In 2008, a friend of mine Jake,was so broke after his NYSC that he could not afford a three square meal. He told me a story of how he was slaped by a woman that owns a kiosk in his street as a result of N10 debt. That very day,he got home and cried aloud,yet no help came. The next day,he got up very early in the morning,when every employee haste to work. He dressed up and was headed Lagos Island,he had no destination,but to him,he must leave the house!

After wandering the streets of the tower buildings without luck,he determined,he was going to keep moving in and out of offices,droping his CVs. but then each time he walks into an office,they told him the bad news."we dont need new hands". My friend called me and requested my office address,to get transport fare back home. he was really downcast and worn out.

When he came around,i said to him"Jake congratulations,you have just found yourelf a job" He was confused and in disbelieve. and he querried"which job,how,where?". i gave him water to drink and then told him,your decision to leave your comfort zone,is the job you have found. You have seen how people work here,they dont have chance to themselves. Thats their problems,"go home and write out in a plain sheet,the likely problems you percieved from the people and offices you came in contact today. i gave him the money,and he left.

The next day,Jake was the 1st to call to my office@6:15am. It was a meeting day,so i asked him to wait for me. He has brought his write ups,the problems people have working on the island that he has seen. as he sat at the reception,Jake was still busy writing more. When i asked him to come in,he had written over one hundred. I told him to read them out one after another,and he did. I asked him,how many of the problems can you solve,,,,,he paused for a while and said aloud,TEN! so i said to him,"JAke congratulations on your new job once more. immediately he held my hand and said,thank you,i shall meet you up there,,,,,,,,,,,he left.

Today, Jake has moved to the island. running a laundry service he started in his resident. He now have two offices. He goes extra miles,going to offices to pick the clothings of ever busy executives and employees and returning them in the most posible time. The last time he came to collect my suits from the office,he came with a clean delivery bus,of which he bought from the proceed of his labour.

My good friends,i am a testimony of this. If i could start a company with just N250,000 in 2009, of which the coy is worth over 20M now,i bet you. You can do more. There are many business you can start with just as little as your brain. 3months after my first business brain seminar in Surulere,a certain man called me and said,"Sir,for over 45years of my life,i have lived without brain, but after your lecture,i felt like i have wasted all my life. but it wasnt late to try. Sir,i made use of my brain,and now im smiling everyday,coz i keep recieving deposit alerts from my bank accounts...Sir,i want to appreciate you and say God bless you". To him, success is in the brain.

What do you love doing,what do people around you need but cant easily get at,what need can you solve? Let this guide you. Make a choice today! lets help you get there if you desire.....08167029374,

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