Tuesday 18 December 2012

GETTING READY...............................

                                             JUST BEFORE 2013
That feeling you get when you are about to make a very essential journey to a country you had never been to. You first apply and obtain a VISA (visit, business, work or residential). You make a hotel reservation or contact a relation in residence. You undergo medicals, and get set for the journey. Each minute of the departure day is filled with anxiety and tension. You check your papers over and over again; check your luggage as well. Make your important calls.
Now, you are at the departure airport and its time, you get checked in successfully, and you are on-board. That feeling when the air-craft is off, whatever religion you practice, at this time you want to talk to your god for safety...
That exactly is the feeling we need to nurse this very period. Haven come all the way long from Jan. 2012, and now in hope of exiting it to a new year 2013. It’s not just enough to merry, there is every reason to be thankful, grateful and recollective. Many battles were won and lost, many business mistakes, and success, many great hopes yet await.
As a business owner, our customers are like gods, like children, they need you to appreciate them for patronage. They could have gone elsewhere to get the service. No matter how professional your expertise, there is always someone, somewhere that can do the job you do. Make an honest appreciation to your customers, clients and friends. That is the starting point of planning your 2013. It’s magical; it is a way of enlarging your reach. The happy customers will spread the good news; you might need to work less.
Now, it is time to list all the ideas that worked and failed in the 2012. Take them down meticulously, be honest to yourself. Then, list the reasons it succeeded and failed. Get them on a new diary or your computer. Again, its time to add new ideas to it, re-form the old ideas, and plan a budget for the New Year. Many people shy away from budgeting. Whether as a business owner or as an employee, or as a student. Budgeting is very key to a happy and successful life/business. “An unplanned life is not worth living”. Delete your wants and input your needs.
Even atheists, philosophers and scientists alike have always acknowledged the fact that there is something or someone that is supernatural of whom the control of the universe is in its control. Don’t fail to thank GOD. Don’t fail to appreciate HIM, make sure you give out to those you are better off. A gift that you will feel the impact in your economy. It is like opening a children’s saving account for your newborn.
When you are done with all these, relax and enjoy the remaining budgeted money and time with family and friends.
Once it is the New Year; execute your plans strictly and carefully, you sure will tell so many testimonies while the year winds down. Planning is key. Action is the antidote to failure. Failure only comes when action is ignored. DONT MISTAKE  MOTION FOR ACTION.
We wish all our friends, clients, customers and family a resounding Christmas celebration and a purposeful 2013. The good God will favour you and all that you do. Amen.

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