Monday 17 June 2013

Marketers Makes More Money

Most employees and Entrepreneurs are scared of the word "Marketing". Why because they are ignorant of the gains of effective marketing. Every business, every idea, every product no matter how thorough and interesting it is, needs more exposure to the targeted consumers. So to claim that a good product speaks for its self, is but wrong assertion. Employees are afraid to work under marketing division of their employers because naturally they are lazy and shortsighted. And some employers don't treat their marketers better either. And that is the reason businesses are failing. Every successful business has always been a product of its workforce. And that is marketing.

Now, what is Marketing?
Marketing is an activity. Marketing activities and strategies result in making products available that satisfy customers while making profits for the companies that offer those products What Activities are Included in Marketing?
Marketing activities are numerous and varied because they basically include everything needed to get a product off the drawing board and into the hands of the customer. The broad field of marketing includes activities such as:
  • Designing the product so it will be desirable to customers by using tools such as marketing research and pricing.
  • Promoting the product so people will know about it by using tools such as public relations, advertising, and marketing communications.
  • Setting a price and letting potential customers know about your product and making it available to them.
  • Developing a good marketing team to drive the business into the hearts of consumers.
Small businesses suffer marketing defects due to the fact that most business owners dwell on the core expertise of their services and that some product providers make wrong marketing decisions by employing the wrong personnels and refusing to re-train them. When you cut conners in business, the adverse effect will cost the soul of the business. As an entrepreneur, the first thing to do before planning a business is to develop a communicative personality, the type that can stand before the President of a country and effectively pass a message across. That can face a 2000 audience and speak without mincing words.
 It is a prerequisite to business start up. It is funny how some claim that every person can be a marketer without trainings. That's why many Bank's marketers/sales persons continually fail on target mission, not minding the fact that they are actually trained by their employers. But because that personal flare to communicate effectively is practically absent. 
Personal development is key. And communication is the "Master Key". 

Keep up with me, let's open your subconscious mind. You are created to be a success! You are genius. Don't waste it.

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