Tuesday 18 June 2013

MONEY found inside drainage channels in Nigeria!

"Nigeria Money, money every where, in the gotter, in the refuse Dump". That was what a Lebanese man said to me one certain afternoon. I had gone to his office for product marketing and was complaining to him to gain pity and close the business. I had told him how hard it is to make money in Nigeria when you have no helper to set you up. And he said the aforementioned. I was both confused and demoralized. After some while he asked me to go and return in two weeks time. I left, this time angry. As I managed to fight myself into an already crowded Molue-bus, I couldn't find a seat, so I stood like many others as the bus ran through the Mainland bridge. I was so lost in thought as we traveled, suddenly I saw a refuse dump where some dirty and stinking Abokis were searching and picking things I know not. Then, the words of that my good friend flash through my subconscious mind again. I ask myself what could this people be doing with this horrible dirts!

When I got to my transit point, I headed back to my office, on my arrival, I found out my Electricity connection was bad as some trucks had passed through the narrow part way and vandalized it. So I reached for my phone and called an electrician to help restore it. To my surprise he told be"oga na 5k ooo!, if not I no go come, I dey busy". Hmmm I knew it wasn't up to that amount, but then I was in dare need so I could print some documents for the next day. I agreed, so he came. And after about 10minutes he was done and I kept my promise. When he left I felt so ashamed that an ordinary electrician could make 5,000 naira from me under 10munutes. But again can I do the job? No!

On my way home same day, I decided to go to a bank to check my little account balance as I have received a debit  alert  earlier. Unfortunately for my sorry self, the bank just shot their door to customers. It was 4:pm. As I stood outside the bank I saw a certain dirty Aboki with a black bag, when he approached the gatekeepers of the bank, he was allowed access into the bank. I got even more angry and disturbed their peace till I was let in. When I was done, I walked to the Aboki and inquired from him how he makes that kind of money, because I was told he comes with that volume daily. To my enchantment, he told me"walahi oga, I dey buy am, dey sell am for condemn Iron". According him, he buys the condemned irons from the boys that goes round the streets and sell them to recycling companies who make use of to produce irons.

I knew then that I was actually the cause of my lean pocket. I remembered again the words of the Lebanese earlier. But I promised myself I won't be angrier.  I needed to think and fast at that. So when I got home, I earnestly entered into my inner being, I searched through the day's experience, and I picked one thing. I have to learn to provide a solution to many of people's needs. So what do people really need? I asked myself. I needed to think deeper.,,,,, every other gists are now history, a sweet story at that.

Filling in needs of people is all you need to make money in Nigeria. People always need services, no man is an island. Stop criticizing govt. And start thinking for your future. Look around you and pick one need you feel people can't do without. Then let me know, I will lead you through the journey. See you at the top...

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