Friday 21 June 2013

MTN boosts Entreprenuers with Business links

MTN boosts young entrepreneurs moral with Link Forum

Like in the other cities, where the MTN Link Forum train has made its appearance, young entrepreneurs in Kaduna have been exposed to the intrigues of business success by the telecoms operator.
The forum, which was held at the Kaduna Asa Pyramid Hotel according to a statement, had in attendance tens of hundreds of MTN subscribers who were inspired, mentored and empowered by the success stories of accomplished entrepreneurs and mentors.
This edition of the forum also had the House of Representatives Finance Committee Chairman, Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin and a former State Co-ordinator,  National Poverty Eradication Programme, NAPEP, Alhaji Musa Zubairu, as guest speakers, on a talk show aimed at motivating the young entrepreneurs at the event.
Both speakers while making their submission posited that vision, passion and dedication are the watchwords of life and business success.
The House  Committee Chairman on Finance told the audience that  in kick-starting  a business, there was the need to create a vision on “what you intend to do; be it long-term or short-term,” adding that for any business to thrive, “you must picture what you really want.”
He stressed the need to have passion for the business one intends to pursue, as well as being knowledgeable about that business, pointing out that for the much-needed success, in any chosen business to be realised, “You must also have facts and details about the business you want to do.”
According to Jibrin, starting up a business, no doubt, attracts a lot of challenges, which is normal, noting that “at the start it will not be productive but stick to it. Come on guys check it out!

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